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Dear Friends, The Generations Project is a not-for-profit organization committed to fostering dialogue and community-building across diverse LGBTQ populations of all ages at our live events. We curate interactive workshops and storytelling events, which empower collaborative, inclusive discourse, the sharing and preservation of our often-shrouded histories and a living manifestation of transnational, intergenerational LGBTQ Culture.

Our programs enliven and inspire both old and young, clarify our trajectory and purpose as a movement and build lasting bridges that allow isolated or marginalized members of the LGBTQ community to connect, learn from and uplift one another.

In these uncertain and challenging times, the work of the Generations Project could not be more relevant or important.

Since its inceptions two years ago, The Generations Project has continued to evolve as a significant voice in the LGBTQ population. Those of us who serve on the Board of Directors take great pride in the work the organization has undertaken over the course of this time period. In addition, we look forward to numerous new initiatives that are planned for 2017:

Collaboration with The Moth, SAGE, Arcus Foundation, Thirty Under Thirty Film Festival, and Lesbian and Gay Big Apple Corps for our seasonal, live storytelling events and Bridger Program;

Production of our Legacy Video Program our featured storytellers to share through our website and reach wider audiences;

Hosting a a series of San Francisco networking events and a "History of Ptown Show" at Paramount Theater in Provincetown next summer

The work of the Generations Project is critical for preserving our history and to give voice to a larger and more diverse group of LGBTQ people beyond those depicted in a handful of films, television programs, and publications.

To do our work, we depend on the generous contributions of individuals like you. As this tumultuous year comes to an end and we all gather to celebrate the beginning of 2017, we write to seek your support. We hope you will consider a donation of any amount to keep the Generations Project continue to grow and realize its mission—bonding all of us across generations and assuring our stories are embedded in the history of our country.

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Thank you for your consideration.


~The Generations Project Community

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