The Generations Project is a not-for-profit organization committed to fostering dialogue and community-building across diverse LGBTQ populations of all ages at our live events. We curate interactive workshops and storytelling events which empower collaborative, inclusive discourse, the sharing and preservation of our often shrouded histories and a living manifestation of transnational, intergenerational LGBTQ Culture.

Our programs enliven and inspire both old and young, clarify our trajectory and purpose as a movement and build lasting bridges that allow isolated or marginalized members of the LGBTQ community to connect, learn from and uplift one another.


Board of Directors

TGP Team


Winter 2014/15

A new dialogue began that embodied the importance and lack of intergenerational story sharing in the LGBT community at a historic, neighborhood restaurant in Brooklyn Heights.

March 2015

The Generations Project started to form when two young gay men both acknowledged a shared interest to learn more about the older generations of LGBT people.

Spring 2015

We met with as many people as we could to share a message that became clearer and clearer as each day progressed.

It was quickly learned that the older generation wanted to learn about us, just as much as we wanted to learn about them.

The idea of producing a live, storytelling show was our goal, but our overall message became much bigger than that.

We continued to build bridges and found several compelling stories that gave unique perspectives to LGBT history.

June 2015

The Generations Project was officially born on June 8th, 2015 when we introduced four amazing storytellers to a primarily younger audience.

Summer 2015

For the first time in known LGBT history, people of various ages came together to build bridges between generations of LGBT people by creating a platform for elders to share stories.

Various teams, including our wonderful and dedicated Board of Directors, were formed to build our foundation and grow our community.


Now we have learned that the older generations would like to learn from us just as much as we would like to learn from them.  Our live storytelling shows bring LGBTQ people and allies of all ages together to celebrate and learn more about our history and culture. 

Us/We/Our now refers to older, younger, darker, whiter people of all gender spectrums.