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The Generations Project is a not-for-profit organization committed to fostering cross-generational dialogue to preserve LGBTQ history.  We curate interactive storytelling workshops and live storytelling shows which empower collaborative, inclusive discourse, the sharing and preservation of often shrouded histories and a living manifestation of transnational, intergenerational LGBTQ culture.  

All of our programs are filmed to ensure LGBTQ history is shared with the general public for many generations to come.

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the stonewall 50 time capsule


Join The Generations Project in our collaboration with over 50 LGBTQ organizations in the New York City area in building The Stonewall 50 Time Capsule, a physical manifestation of LGBTQ history that will be stored for 50 years until the 100th Anniversary of Stonewall in 2069. Content will be collected now until The Stonewall 50 Time Capsule Closing Party in June 2020.

The Stonewall 50 Time Capsule will contain content generated through portable photo printers until Summer 2020 by LGBTQ history-makers and allies, NYC elected officials, LGBTQ organizations, participants and attendees of our events, and dedicated volunteers eager to help preserve LGBTQ history!  Our teams are engaging with community leaders in all five boroughs to create an accurate and intersectional collection of photos and stories that make up LGBTQ history.  Become part of history by visiting the New York Historical Society’s information and collection page HERE.

Would you like to connect with someone of a different generation who appreciates preserving the history of the LGBTQ+ Movement? Volunteer with us!




We rely on individual, tax-deductible donations to fund our programs.  Your New York contributions help us film and produce free storytelling workshops and live shows that generate content for the creation of The Stonewall 50 Time Capsule.  Contributions from other cities or states are allocated accordingly to our ongoing efforts to make The Generations Project a national organization.  

Interested in helping us expand?  Contact us to become more involved!  We need your support!